* Pocket size:  95mm x 95mm *

NOOK Wine Racks can be assembled and configured in multiple different ways, this is NOOKs strong point of difference, the system is assembled using on two components that repeat themselves. This allows for an extremely custom solution for your wine storage. 

Each pocket or NOOK is 95mm x 95mm.  You can reference the below SIZING CHART to determine how many NOOKs or pockets you will require to fill your space.

Each NOOK DIY Kit can be combined with any other NOOK DIY Kit to achieve your final configuration or bottle storage (i.e example if you need 32 NOOKs or pockets, you could purchase 1 x 25NOOK and 1 x 9NOOK and combine components to achieve your required configuration. Additional steel joiners can be purchased in bundles of 15 units and/or polymer bottle rests as single units).

Please note, if your assembled NOOK wine rack exceeds 1200mm in height, for stability, you will require NOOK Saddles on either side for rear wall/cabinet fixing (The saddles are only for stability, all weight remains on wine racks footprint).