About Nook Wine Racks

Established in the beautiful wine region of Adelaide in South Australia, NOOK Wine Racks is now offering the wine enthusiast complete customisation at a fraction of the cost of many existing wine racking systems.

The concept and idea for NOOK wine storage

The concept and idea for NOOK was strangely born in a Shanghai hotel in late 2014 between two colleagues Paul Smith & Craig Nottage (Both Australian and both in Shanghai on business).

Paul Smith with his 15 year long history in the Australian wine storage space along with successful local industrial designer Craig Nottage identified a real need to create a truly modular wine rack system. A system to that would allow the buyer to fill any NOOK or to build any shape. The initial discussions rapidly expanded with great enthusiasm with Paul communicating to Craig the many short comings of tired, old and inflexible wine racking systems currently available.

The humble wine rack had really lacked any significant innovation of recent times. It was time to rethink the wine rack. Craig soon applied his innovative design skill and now our team is thrilled to finally be bringing NOOK to the wine enthusiast small and large.

Craig Nottage – Industrial Designer

Craig Nottage – Design Manager: “Over the years I have had the opportunity to be involved in some exciting projects within the high end luxury goods industry. I really enjoy creating designs that have the potential to disrupt traditional thinking! I was surprised to find that there was no wine racks that could be easily built as a DIY wine rack to fit a particular size opening or wall space. Instead, the wine rack was dictating where it will live, I found this very inflexible and frustrating to say the least. Also, I just didn’t like the appearance of any of them in the shop.

Some of the expensive designer wine racks look cool, but most were a bit extreme in their cost and aesthetics. I considered a custom built-in wine rack, but it’s fixed in it’s size and doesn’t look that great either. I just wanted a simple, aesthetically pleasing wine rack that I could walk into a shop and buy knowing it would fit wherever I wanted it to go. Also, if I move house or want more wine storage later I have that flexibility. So I created NOOK.

After literally hundreds of wine storage designs and numerous prototypes we feel we really do have a winner with NOOK! “My aim is for people to make an aesthetic feature of their wine wherever they want with a funky and affordable design”.