Store your wine anywhere with NOOK!

The affordable, fully flexible, portable, modular wine rack storage system to fit any space.

Wine racks for any size space

Whatever size your wine collection is we have the perfect wine storage solution for you. Our DIY wine rack kits are portable and simple to assemble in either freestanding or wall mounted applications, so they can grow with you, move with you and even change shape with your changing storage needs!

floor standing wine rack nook

Wine racks for any size space

Storing your wine never needs to be a problem again. Whatever your space; large or small it can be used for wine storage.  Got a small or dead space at the end of the kitchen bench? Now instead of wasting it, you can store your wine bottles in it.  You can use NOOK to build up, down, across, underneath or on top of any space. Our wine racks can be wall mounted or freestanding and can even be used in and around corners. Create a wine cellar under your stairs or store your wine in between cupboards, underneath cupboards, around cupboards, on a countertop, in any storage NOOK – you name it and NOOK can store your wine in it.

floor standing wine rack nook

Endless design possibilities

Building your dream wine rack to maximise storage space in your home is so simple. All you need do is measure your space and enter the dimensions into our online Design Wizard and it will tell you how many NOOKs you need! (The standard depth is 235mm)

The creative part is up to up to you – have some wall hanging wine racks, some freestanding, or simply build around your existing space; you get to decide how to display, organise and show off your wine collection. Planning cellar; with the high strength and durability of NOOK, floor to ceiling wine walls are no worries. Standard design or custom wine rack design, we have your space covered!

floor standing wine rack nook

Strong, sturdy and durable wine rack system

Our wine racks are super strong and just to test their strength we decided to lift a mini car onto one and just as we thought, it held strong and firm.  The high strength, impact resistant, polymer bottle rest and stainless-steel joiner has incredible tensile strength, so it is a solid reliable place to rest your prized wine. Rest assured your wine investment is safe in these NOOKs!

floor standing wine rack nook

Sleek and modern

Not only does a NOOK wine rack look super contemporary and sleek with the mix of charcoal black bottle rests and stainless-steel supports; but if you are going for a more minimalist look, bright white may be just the thing to make a real design statement with your wine collection.

Either way, the innovative modern design of NOOK wine racks certainly makes a stylish yet functional addition to any space in your home.

Custom, funky and affordable – NOOK wine racks

Now you really can get a wine rack to fit any space you want, without the expensive price tag.  Never has a customised wine storage solution been so affordable or so funky. With DIY assembly, only 2 basic components and flat pack packaging, we have been able to keep costs right down. But whilst it may be low on cost, it certainly is high on design, bringing a sleek and modern look to your wine collection. Now you can store, organise and display your wine rack in a custom location at a fraction of the price of what you would pay for other systems.

Kits start form as little as $29.95 and you can store 110 bottles of wine per m2 of wall space for less than $600 and be delivered to any part of Australia.

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